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When you think of your children in middle school, what comes to mind?  Homework?  Extracurricular activities?  Of course.  These basic tenants are all part of our children’s lives in the formative sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.  We expect such, but what about those things that to-date, you’ve only imagined for your kids at West Valley?  Field trips,   science labs, and motivational speakers.  At our school, why must one limit themselves to a few traditional aspirations?  Shouldn’t we expect more from one of the State’s top ranked middle schools whose motto is “Excellence for Every Child”?

Through the West Valley Education Foundation, you can help make aspirations a reality.  At WVMS, we expect our kids to be exposed to rigorous studies while enjoying the learning journey.  We want them afforded best in class experiences through field trips, live performances, and athletic events.  We envision them being fully prepared not only in the classroom, but also out of it.  We also expect a building and grounds conducive to learning and growing and most importantly teachers and staff who are engaged and energized. Simply put, we expect excellence from our school.

Unfortunately as a public entity, sometimes West Valley can’t offer all these amenities. Our administration is making tough decisions, while we as WVMS families are expecting much more.  Our community has the opportunity to help without raising local property taxes.

As parents/guardians who are actively engaged with our children’s school, the West Valley Education Foundation asks that you consider making a difference. Donate to the Foundation during our Fall Annual Campaign and support the Spring Casino Night fundraiser, Betting On Our Children’s Futures.   All contributions made are tax deductible and will go to support student activities not funded through tax dollars.


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