About the Foundation

The West Valley Middle School Foundation, Inc. (the “WVMS Foundation”) is organized exclusively for education purposes. Specifically, the purpose of the WVMS Foundation is to promote and support academic excellence of West Valley Middle School. The WVMS Foundation will conduct fundraising activities to enhance WVMS programs, students, and faculty.

Mission: To encourage, inspire and promote the excellence of West Valley Middle School by assisting the faculty, staff and students to achieve their academic goals in a positive learning environment and to be positive leaders in the community.

Motto: Serving Every Student, Every Day, With Every Dollar

Vision: WVMS Foundation will use its resources to support the academic excellence of West Valley Middle School through efforts to augment and or underwrite efforts by the school. The WVMS Foundation wants to ensure that a lack of resources does not prevent faculty or students from reaching their full potential.


  • Community: The WVMS Foundation will be a supporter of community activity as it relates to West Valley Middle School.
  • Integrity: The WVMS Foundation will uphold the laws and codes associated with the operation of a non-profit educational foundation and will abide by all policies directed at public school foundations via the Knox County, Tennessee and State of Tennessee public school governing bodies.
  • Accountability: The WVMS Foundation will hold itself accountable by non-profit standards of transparency to its members and in accordance with local, state and federal law.
  • Success: Success will be measured by the impact the WVMS Foundation has on West Valley Middle School programs, students and faculty.
  • Partnership: The WVMS Foundation will partner with West Valley Middle School and the West Valley Middle School community to meet its mission as well as the mission of the institution.