Your property taxes are not enough to give today’s children a great education. We need help from our community.

Making a contribution is easy! Select which option works best for you:

  1. Online Donation – Click our “CHEDDAR UP” OR cut and paste the address below into your browser and choose an amount you would like to give online. There are no processing fees involved.


  1. Cash/Check Donation– Please send cash/checks to:

West Valley Middle School Education Foundation
9118 George Williams Rd
Knoxville, TN 37922

Make checks payable to: WVMS Education Foundation

Each year faculty submit funding requests to the Foundation. These applications must meet specific criteria, including, but not limited to, impacting multiple students or an academic or athletic unit, teacher education, or general campus enhancement.

Unfunded Priority Projects:
– Replacement of aging Apple MacBook Pro computers
– Upgrade sound system in cafeteria

Message from Mr. Claxton:

“I feel blessed to witness the work of the WVMS Foundation. Over the past two years, your gifts have directly touched our entire school family. Thank you for your generosity!”