Wolf Pack Members

The WVMS Foundation would like to thank everyone who supported our school and organization during our 2018-2019 School Year! A special thank you to the following individuals:

Leader of the Pack ($2500+):

Todd and Tammy Jones

James and Kristen Lewis

Wolf Club ($1000 – $2499):

John and Kelli DeRieux

James Jablonski

Meagan and Andy Puckett

Andy and Jamie Singer

Robb and Leila White

Alpha Club ($500 – $999):

Julio and Julia Arana

Stephen and Helen Arnold

Keith and Stephanie Barber

Ross and Erin Bunting

Ray Duncan

Michael and Erin McCollum

John and Brandi Matson

Jason and Janene Nordin

Bryan and Tammie Tigner

Cub Club ($100 – $499):

Jeff and Shelly Abrams

Jeff and Laura Ayo

Gail Brabson

Scott and Sarah Brice

Jason and Pamela Canon

Lee Carder

Heather Casciano

Sarma Chilukuri

Andrew and Margaret Clark

Sara Compher-Rice

Stephanie Cooper

Steve and Leigh Doettl

Nancy Elder

April Ella

Nidia Gallego and John Keith

LaShea Gifford

Tina Gibson

Sarah Girdlestone

Karen Johnson

Hiske Jones

Scott and Kristin Kammann

Carolyn Keziah

Eeva King

Swati Kirpekar

Ashley and Zack Lewis

Heather Lin

Eleanor McMurray

Kevin and Stacy Mead

Colleen Montgomery

Rachel Myers

Palmer Neubauer

Laura Norris

Amy Nuckols

Hugh and Angelia Nystrom

Jenny Oberhaus

Dean and Tracy Perry

Heather Peters

Jenny Pleasant

Alice Pryor

Granvil and Laura Radcliffe

Paul Raiman

Heather Ray

Sonya Redwine

Lisa Roberts

Ralph and Rachel Silvan

Mark Singer

Jennifer Sparks

Emily Herman-Thompson

Molly and Mark Veness

Karen and Nick Vigorito

Bryan and Charl Wood

Pride Club (up to $99):

Andrei Apostoaei

Mrs. Bienko’s Homeroom

Tara Bankes

Tonja Beaty

Betsey Brown

The Connelly Family

Karla Cope

Steven and Anita Davis

Allison Dietz

Amanda Downey

Heather Duncan

Carrie Duncanson

Emma Etheridge

Amy Garris

Veronica Garza

Tim Gibson

Tara Gilbreath

Kennette Gooden

Kate Hoppenrath

Kendra Hendon

Yawei Hui

Tanya Johnson

Carol Loucks

Emily McCutcheon

Steven Moseley

Wendy Moseley

Maud Mundava

Rebecca Muth

Michael Ogle

Jonathan Paredes

Heather Parrott

Zoran Paunic and Ruzica Gordic Paunic

Brandon Prins

Linda Raulston

Glenn and Donna Roush

Jennifer Saunders

Leisha Smith

Michele Solomon

Mark and Ashley Strittmatter

Lissette Tant

Amanda Taylor

Emily Tigrath

Megan West

Antoinette Williams

Stacey Wright

Li Yong